[Day 10] How To Build A Social Media Strategy That Delivers, Measure and Track Your Success

Last day of the Social Media Challenge and truly, it has been great to read and share content with the Social Media Club. Learning a lot and engaging with more interesting people.

With my recent knowledge from SFU (Digital Communications Certificate), working for an Advertising Agency and Natalie's Social Media Challenge, I know that Social Media involves...

Building a community

When I think about this, I often ask myself these questions...

- Who is your fan?
- Who shares content about your brand?
- How can your product/service enhance your consumer’s lifestyle?

Social Blueprint

- What does the brand stand for?
- Brand's personality 

    Have an Editorial Calendar

    Helps you to create specific content for your audience
    - Excellent way to stay organized
    - Track major events that is relevant to your audience

    Be Social and especially Be Human

    With so many social media platforms out there sometimes we forget that a fact, a quote, or a digital connection can live longer and remain searchable/archivable forever.

    Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, Pinterest and other social platforms are there for listening, conversing, redirecting and pitching (just to mention a few). 

    Measure and Monitor

    Monitor competition tweets/ FB fans and find influencers (HootSuite)
    - Track your visitors (Google Analytics)
    - Check popularity scores (Klout)
    - Search and analyze the Social Web (Topsy or IceRocket)
    - Measure the magnitude of your brand (How Sociable)
    - Blogger Outreach (Technorati)

    These are some of my daily tasks and I am continuously learning and discovering techniques thanks to blogs like the Suitcase Entrepreneur. It is a hard work but you have to do it in order to build your brand and your business.

    Thanks for reading and stay social!

    [Day 9] How to build a blog with purpose and profit from it

    I remember when I start blogging it was just a way to express my opinions and experiences about my life. I was not thinking on how to make money from it but then, the word Experience has such a powerful meaning, especially in the business world. Nowadays, if a customer has a bad experience with your product or service, believe me, it will resonate all over the world.

    People loves stories (I think I have said that many times) but also they love to share good experiences and how to help others with those experiences. For example, a few weeks ago I was looking for reviews and opinions between two laptops and after reading a few posts and also asking on Twitter for advice, I decide which laptop should I buy.

    Basically what we are looking for when we browse, is to find someone who is an expert at a subject, so if you want to start a blog, consider what type of advice would you be giving to your reader and don't forget to show your passion on your writing as well. I must confess, having a blog is a big commitment and takes time but as Natalie says, you need to be serious about it, have goals and help people with your expertise.

    So, how do you build a blog? and even better, how can I profit from it?

    Step 1

    Be a problem solver. Make people's life easier when they read your blog, give them quick and effective tips, try video tutorials and make sure to give your own experience  and how the product or service solve that for you. 

    Step 2

    Be consistent. Create a routine so your readers will know when you will be posting new content. Use Social Media to share a sneak peak of your next blog topic.

    Step 3

    Be concise. Try to write no more than 500 words in one blog post (is hard, but it seems no one likes to read long articles). This graphic gives an idea of how much you should be writing. 

    If you know you will write more than 500 words, then consider these tips:

    • When is possible, create bullets like this
    • Break the long post up with subheadings
    • Use pictures, illustrations, infographics, and other visuals to help with the flow
    You must be asking by now, when am I going to start making money, well that depends if you stick to these tips and always think about your reader and how you can answer their questions. Step by step, you will start gaining followers and people will realize that your content is trustworthy and always updated.

    Treat your blog like your business and establish yourself as a problem solver.

    Thanks for reading!

    [Day 8] How To Use Pinterest to Create a Compelling Visual Brand Story that People Love

    Pinterest announced that the platform will start showing ads and is taking its first serious steps towards monetization. Currently, I am part of a project targeting moms, dads and baby boomers and Pinterest is part of our Social Media Strategy. For example, our board will mainly be a way to visually share the beautiful things we come across online focusing to the city and our communities. 

    Part of the plan is to create boards related to Vancouver and their people. Highlighting with boards showcasing local art, business, festivals, where to eat, snapshots of the coolest neighbourhoods, green initiatives and healthy lifestyle just to mention a few. The point would be, to tell a story about what is happening in Vancouver. 

    On a metrics level, we know Pinterest has become a huge traffic referral for most business. Thanks to this platform you can share, curate and discover new interest by pinning and creating boards for your target audience. Using a visual emphasis, you are focused on the concept of a person’s lifestyle, preferences with others and discover those of like-minded people. You must connect with people through things that they find interesting.

    I hope you will find these ideas helpful and thanks for reading my blog.

    We Are The People (Live At The Sydney Opera House)

    I'm so happy to end this weekend with such a great vibes. I just bought my ticket to see one of my favourites bands in the world, australian electronic duo, Empire of The Sun.

    I'm sooo looking to hear this song LIVE!

    -- + --

    No saben lo feliz que estoy de terminar esta semana con buena vibra. He estado super ocupada pero la noticia de que Empire of The Sun tocara en Vancouver, me alegro el dia. Ya compre mi ticket para verlos el 22 de Octubre y espero con ansias escuchar esta cancion en vivo!

    Posted by Claudia Gamboa

    [Day 7] How To Use YouTube to Create Powerful Videos That Bring You New Fans and Business

    Video, video, video, undoubtedly is the new king of content. During my practicum with Stuntbuxx, I wrote a blog post about Online Video Advertising and how brands (big or small) are creating compelling videos to their audiences. 

    Now back to Natalie's question, for now I just use YouTube on a personal level by liking music videos, tutorials, viral videos and to watch some of the coolest ads in order to share it with my friends. However in order to get your business noticed is important to invest your time and effort in shooting one because nowadays everybody's doing it! using Vine, Instagram or by uploading videos to YouTube. 

    I know the word video may scare some people because you start thinking what am I going to record? where should I start? The answer might be in crowdsourcing videos like AirBnB did.  

    Their statement for this project was great stories come from connection and collaboration and they work on having a  solid storyline and script to attract Vine users by chatting with them. If your audience is hooked with the story, then the rest is history.

    Another great example is Lululemon...

    People love stories so we just need that extra time to start brainstorming, observing people's behaviour and browse information on tips you should consider, like this one.

    Thanks for reading!

    Social media Challenge

    [Day 6] How are you using Google Plus to tap into your network and establish your authority?

    I remembered back in 2011 I was anxious to get an invitation to try the new Google + and for a while it was fun, it looked nice and I really liked the circles function. Somehow, the excitement fade away and I went back to use Facebook. 

    Now they have hashtags, works much better with Blogger, chats are great with Hangouts and I can find people that I’m interested to connect with. However I still check my Facebook at least 3-5 times a day while on Google Plus maybe just twice a week.

    I have noticed that small business still are not sure to jump in to Google + and create a Page, their focus (I think) is to have a Facebook Page and Twitter Profile. I totally agree with Natalie that Google + has so many cool features, for example I recently discover the Communities options, Hangouts on Air and What’s Hot that is really tailored to your interests.

    For me the challenge is to explore all of these features since I'm a heavy Twitter and Facebook user. I will have to create a routine to build relationships and join to communities using Google + because I know there is a lot going on there. 

    I updated my profile and this is how it looks like. My activity is mostly my blog posts and some articles that I have 1'd. What do you think? If you want to connect, click here.

    P.S: Question. Does anybody try this Google Plus Directory?

    Thanks for reading my blog!

    Social media Challenge

    [Day 5] How to Use LinkedIn to Establish Your Credibility and Build your Professional Rolodex


    Hello everyone, today's subject is a bit challenging for me. I have to admit I don't spend too much time on LinkedIn and when I do, is because I'm searching for a job or I'm trying to connect with people from the Social Media industry. I remembered back in May we had a workshop on how to set up a LinkedIn profile at SFU offered by one of my talented classmate, Minerva Ward.

    Since then, I have updated it at least 3 times but for now I have been using it to do some networking and also to have a professional profile on social media and for my networking cards. My profile, as you can see, is concise (at least that is what I think) and I highlighted all my work experience from my native country, Peru.

    On my summary I express my interest in Social Media and that I'm available for a freelance contract. Sometimes I think I should write more but on the other hand, when people look at your profile they just scan for keywords so I stick to that.

    I must say, I don't know (until now and thanks to Natalie) how to create a LinkedIn page but I know is necessary since me and two other friends are planning to start our own consulting business. Professionally, I believe my profile looks good, I would be really happy if I can have some comments on how it looks like and if I should change or add some things.

    Well, I guess this blog post response was more on my personal experience with LinkedIn but thanks to this challenge, I discovered that is much more than just an online resume.
    Looking forward to your comments on my LinkedIn profile

    Social media Challenge

    [Day 4] How To Use Twitter To Win Friends and Influence People

    Another day, a new challenge and happy to learn lots from the Suitcase Entrepreneur. Today was my special day so when I woke up this morning, got my coffee and head to work. I found this nice surprise by Google...

    And after a fun day at work and celebrating with the family, it is time to write my opinion on how I use Twitter to connect with friends and influencers. Today's question:

    How are you using Twitter to build your brand, engage with your community and find new customers?

    I have been using Twitter since March 2009, back then I was just curious to know why suddenly it started to get popular just like Facebook. My first tweets had no useful content whatsoever and I was using it just to share my everyday experiences, it was all about me me and me. Sometimes I look back and say, did I really wrote that? But I guess people change, and you start looking at the real benefits 

    In 2012 I was working as a Marketing Assistant for a Food Company in Peru and I was in charge of developing a Social Media Strategy for this brand who were really curious to see and test how Social Media can actually help my business. At the time, I was using Twitter on a personal level and as soon as I got this project I started to research how businesses were using Facebook and Twitter to attract customers.

    I found out that influential people was sharing useful information and actually helping customers with resources and tips on how to make their life's easier. I realized how easy was to find information using hashtags and start looking at the content of influential people on Twitter.  

    Now, I'm using Twitter to stay current with the latest trends, creating list of influential people, engaging with people that likes my content and sharing inspirational quotes and information related to Social Media. I try to tweet at least 4 times a day and always reply to a new follower, someone who add me to their list, favourite my tweet or just mention me in of their tweets.

    For me, it is a great source to keep networking because it gives you that instant connection and gives you topics to talk about when you actually meet that person. I know it sounds like stalking but for me it shows that you really made an effort to look at someones profile and be like I really like your input in this or that. Excellent icebreaker for an offline conversation.

    Thanks to HootSuite, I keep track of all of my lists thanks to their columns and it is great to monitor hashtags and influencers. For example, this is how my dashboard looks like...


    Since I got the HootSuite Certification, it has made my job easier. Now I can found information related to my target using a hashtags, searching keywords and even find information using the geotag. 

    Finally, if you want to get your target influencer to look at you and engage with you, never forget to...

    - Re tweet their content
    - Give them an opinion about their content
    - Help them to find more info about the subject or content
    - Establish an online AND offline conversation

    Ok, that's it for now. Time to get some rest and wait for Day 5 - Social Media Challenge


    Social media Challenge

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